Here is a short introduction of Oulun Seudun Melojat (OSM) in english, you will get more information by calling or sending mail to board members.
Our club offers paddling happenings & equipment for freestyle paddling, river running, river touring and sea paddling. In summer time we have regular tuesday-evening freestyle sessions, and thursday-evening sea paddling tours (check the calendar, not arranged every week) . Winter time reqular training happens saturday evenings in the warm atmosphere of Raksila swimming pool.

In summer time we have also longer kayaking trips; Spring is busy time paddling flooding little rivers. Freestyle kayakers often do weekend & longer trips to good play spots according to water levels. Longer lapland winderness river trips are in program, as island hopping in sea archipelagos in Bay of Bothnia.
Our calendar shows what is coming next. Our happenings are free for you as a member. You can also use club equipment for free for club & own trips!