Introduction and membership

Here is a short introduction of Oulun Seudun Melojat (OSM) in english. Our club offers equipment for all kind of kayaking, whitewater, river running, river touring and sea touring. Best of all, you can find good company for all kind of kayaking trips.

The spring season starts normally at the early May or as soon as the sea and local rivers become free from ice. During the summer we organize paddling activities to local destinations as well as longer trips in Finland and Sweden. More information about our activities can be found by following our Facebook page. Indoor swimming pool training is available for club members during the winter season in Raatti.


You can join to OSM club by paying 40 euros membership fee. OSM does not have any other payments.  Membership fee allows you to borrow kayaks and other paddling equipment owned by OSM. You can also participate to all our activities. In the winter, you can go swimming hall once a week with same fee. If you have family, you can pay 5 euros of each member  and they are also member of the club.

Membership fee are paid to account  OP FI74 5740 8940 0231 19. Use reference number 8002. You can pay your own membership fee and your family membership fee at the same time.

OSM inform members about club activities via member letter and Facebook feed. You can order member letter it in our Finnish page

How to borrow kayak

Our club has two locations for kayaks. See the locations on Finnish page. Nokkalan vaja has all kind of kayaks for river and lake paddling. It also has lot of different kind of whitewater kayaks for playboating and river running. Mustasaaren kontti contains sea kayaks. We borrow kayaks only for our own club members. Both places has own book, from where club member can book kayak for their paddling trips or sessions. One member can book one kayak for three days or three kayak for one day. Check and mark always to reservation book when you borrow club kayak. Both locations contains also other equipments for paddling like PFD (personal flotation devices), spray skirts and paddles. Nokkalan vaja has also helmets for whitewater kayaking.

For more information send email to info(at)osm.fi.